L’étendue do (The C-Scope)

Solo Exhibition

September 11 to October 22 2021
Opening : September 11 at noon
Arprim, 372, rue Sainte-Catherine O, # 426

L’étendue do (the C scope), first solo exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Marie-Douce St-Jacques, explores the various aspects of the quest for perfection in the form of a mediation around the phenomenon of perfect pitch. Through collages, printed images and sound installation, the artist challenges the imperfectability of the techniques and materials she uses—from risograph printing to her own voice—, while still focusing on creating a body of graphic work of undeniable aesthetic quality. In doing so, Marie-Douce St-Jacques contrasts the need for control in one’s art practice with the act of letting go, which can lead to interesting discoveries; the rigidity of carefully studied compositions with the mechanical failures of the machine used to print them; and the perfection of a musical score with the subjectivity of its performer. (Excerpt from Marie-Pier Bocquet’s text)

Photos by Jean-Michaël Seminaro

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.