Le fruit vert

Le fruit vert is a bicephalous musical project formed by Andrea-Jane Cornell and Marie-Douce St-Jacques in 2011, though its roots stretch across 20 years of friendship. Their shared aesthetic complicity translates as “an almost telepathic musical synergy […], a conversation that continues to develop organically over years”.* The duo uses voice, polyphonic keys (electronic organs, synthesizers), field recordings and other non-instrumental sounds as composition materials. Their sound is both swarming and sparse. Accidents, oddities, and improvisation play an instigative role in their creative process.

*Author Jacob Wren, about Le fruit vert
News / information : lefruitvert.org


Paon perdu, three:four records, 2017
Andrea-Jane Cornell – voice, accordion, electronic sounds and … 
Marie-Douce St-Jacques – voice, organ, synthesizer, artwork, and …

Passiflore, Them There records (LP reissue, 2018) / Los discos enfantasmes (Cassette, sold out, 2013)
Artwork : Annie Descôteaux
Design : Marie Tourigny