Le laps publishing

Le laps is an independent publishing house founded in 2013 by Marie-Douce St-Jacques in collaboration with graphic designers Baptiste Alchourroun and Amandine Guillard. Anchored in the margins of literature, Le laps celebrates singular minds from all backgrounds.

For more information (in French) and to order: lelaps.org
Distributor’s web site (with English descriptions) : Les presses du réel

Bibliography / The following books are bilingual French / English :
Émilie Mouchous, D’un érotisme botanique (A Botany of Eros), 2018
Anne-F Jacques, Roches rencontrées (Stones met), 2018
Alexandre St-Onge, Nude de chose de même, 2017
Daïchi Saïto, Moving the Sleeping Images of Things Towards the Light, 2013

The following title is in French only:
Simon Brown, Mollesse dure, 2014