Marie-Douce St-Jacques: a Montréal-based artist working in publishing, music, screenwriting, and the visual arts.

Fascinated by all that spins, especially records and tops.

Draws from graphic and typographic languages to feed a practice riding the boundary between abstraction and figuration, where parallel paths constantly intersect with the manual gesture, often hiding its trail.

Experimentation and play are at the heart of this work, itself an intermediary between languages that speak to and bring together disparate realities — both angular and curved.

This is a world haunted by the ineffable, teeming with ambiguous relationships between diverse mediums that channel forces going far above and beyond their usual roles.

The most sense-driven element of this practice, the musical duo Le fruit vert, embodies an attempt at creating a parallel form of communication. 


Having circulated in various underground networks for over two decades, this work has also, since 2015, been the subject of presentations in artist-run centres, private galleries, Maisons de la culture, and contemporary art events.